Dental Trauma?

Being informed prior to any incidents is always best practice, and in the case of Dental accidents it is good to know that you have a dedicated dental team from Mapleridge Dentistry that are ready to help when needed.

Let's face it accidents happen, from sports injuries, motor vehicle accidents or sometimes just a simple slip and fall. But there are times that if we are proactive we can prevent these from happening.

Probably the most typical dental emergencies involve sports activities, one particular might be a dental crown can come away from your tooth, or perhaps you might get some sort of cut on your lips, gums or even perhaps inside your cheeks. These kinds of problems could be prevented when you use an oral mouth shield throughout the variety of things you do including contact sporting activities.

There are other ways that you can cause trauma to your teeth; this can be done through eating. You must attempt to try and stay clear of hard food items such as nuts, hard candies and the like. These often can fracture your teeth, which will furthermore be considered a dental trauma emergency which could require in most cases a trip to the professional dentist for a repair, in order to avoid any damage to the roots of your tooth. Keep in mind your dental office will be there to assist you with all your dental needs including emergencies as well. It is strongly encouraged and important for your oral health to get in touch with them as quickly as possible and they'll direct you towards the next steps that will have to be considered.

Don't forget, you get just one set of permanent teeth; allow your dental experts at Mapleridge Dentistry assist you in maintaining your radiant smile successfully for many centuries to come.