Cosmetic Dentist in Vaughan

Cosmetic Dentistry Options in Vaughan

Want to keep your smile looking youthful and beautiful for as long as you can?

At dental clinic Mapleridge Dentistry, we provide cosmetic dentistry services, such as teeth whitening, dental bonding, teeth contouring, and veneers. In the modern world, cosmetic dental treatments are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people are experiencing incredible results.

Mapleridge Dentistry is a family and cosmetic dentistry practice providing advanced cosmetic dentistry for residents in and around the area of Vaughan and Mapleridge. From cosmetic teeth whitening and cosmetic dental bonding to veneer dentistry, restoration, and so much more, our team at Mapleridge Dentistry delivers a wide range of cosmetic dental services for patients who want to regain their smiles and improve their dental health.

What Can Cosmetic Dentistry Fix?

Whether your teeth are discoloured, broken, deeply stained, crooked, or misaligned, there is a cosmetic dental care treatment plan that is right for you. Your smile can be enhanced through cosmetic procedures performed by our highly skilled team of top cosmetic dentists. You'll receive a custom dental plan based on your dental evaluation that includes all the cosmetic dental services and procedures you need to create the smile you’ve always wanted.

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What Does Cosmetic Dentistry Include?

Have you ever wanted a brighter smile? You can enhance and whiten your smile in just one visit with our teeth whitening services provided by our top cosmetic dentists. We offer fast, safe and affordable cosmetic dentistry teeth whitening services to remove signs of tooth discoloration. Our professional tooth whitening in-office treatment delivers better long-lasting results than over-the-counter strips do.

Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

Cosmetic Teeth Whitening in Vaughan

Tooth whitening or bleaching procedures. These procedures remove stains and discolorations and in many cases, excellent results can be obtained by means of a solitary one hour in office visit with a dental specialist.

Cosmetic Dental Bonding

Сosmetic Dental Bonding in Vaughan

Cosmetic dental bonding can be used to treat and repair a variety of cosmetic dental issues, such as chipped, cracked, and broken teeth, stains or discoloration, uneven tooth length, crooked irregular teeth, or gaps between teeth. Our team is prepared to restore minor tooth flaws, correct any discoloration in your teeth, and fix small chips. We employ advanced cosmetic dentistry services to beautify and improve the colour, size, and shape of your teeth.

Esthetic Veneer Dentistry

Esthetic Veneer Dentistry in Vaughan

In esthetic veneer dentistry, cosmetic veneers comprise thin shells that fit onto the front of your teeth in order to make them look better. They are also known as porcelain veneers or dental veneers, and there is no doubt that cosmetic veneer dentistry can help you achieve a healthy natural smile in the long run. Our cosmetic dental procedure ensures we custom-make each veneer to fit your teeth with a specific colour, size, and shape.

Invasalign Braces

Invasalign Braces in Vaughan

Invisalign Braces consist of a series of clear, custom-manufactured, removable aligners that are made to fit your teeth. They are removable and are modified every two weeks to ensure that your teeth are correctly straightened.

Braces are not only for kids. In fact, even adults living in nearby Vaughan, Woodbridge, and Richmond Hill can benefit from these orthodontic devices to realign crooked teeth. If you require braces, we will refer you to one of our orthodontists.

Smile Makeover

Smile Makeover in Vaughan

Would you like to have your smile completely transformed?

You can count on us to make your smile stand out how and whenever you need it.

Our team will determine if there are any pre-existing dental problems that need to be resolved. Once we begin your smile makeover, we perform several routine tests. We will then proceed with your dental treatment after scheduling your appointments. Depending on the type and number of treatments needed, this step could take a few weeks or several months.

In order to achieve your smile goals, our top cosmetic dentists are here to provide a combination of cosmetic dental procedures customized to meet your dental needs. Our cosmetic and family dentistry practice helps you achieve a confident smile through a combination of restorative and reconstructive procedures such as crowns, dental implants, dentures, and bridges.

Teeth Contouring & Reshaping

Teeth Contouring & Reshaping in Vaughan

If your teeth are uneven in length, have slight overlaps or chips, or have overly flat or pointy edges, you might need cosmetic tooth contouring.

At Mapleridge Dentistry, our dentists provide you with a wide range of cosmetic dental services that enable smile enhancements or the correction of bite problems through the use of teeth contouring and reshaping techniques.

Our family cosmetic dentistry professionals may recommend that you take dental X-rays before you begin the reshaping and contouring process. The process of reshaping a tooth is carried out by using dental instruments and abrasion techniques, which can be a great way to improve the overall appearance of your teeth.

Aesthetic & Restorative Dentistry in Vaughan

At Mapleridge Dentistry, we take great pride in being your trusted cosmetic and family dentists in the area of Vaughan and Mapleridge. Our cosmetic dental clinic combines extensive experience and a diverse range of cosmetic dentistry services.

We are here to assist patients in Mapleridge and Vaughan every step of the way. If you’re looking for a top cosmetic dentist in your area, get in touch with our team at Mapleridge Dentistry – your best local family cosmetic dentistry centre. With our extensive training and experience in cosmetic and family dentistry, our top cosmetic dentists provide you with unparalleled, exceptional care.

Our team is available to answer any questions or concerns you might have about our treatment options and dental services to find the best cosmetic dental procedure for you. If you are looking for the best cosmetic dentist in Vaughan and Mapleridge that you can count on, Mapleridge Dentistry is the right place for you!

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Amazing background music for a cleaning. Super soothing and relaxing experience in something I usually find unpleasant. The staff is also friendly, kind and caring. Especially Stephanie, who is an absolute gem and lovely to talk to. Highly recommend.


I was very satisfied with my experience at Mapleridge Dental. The staff were friendly, thorough in the care they provided, and attentive to all my needs. First-class service!


Recently changed dentistries to be closer to home and found Mapleridge. This has honestly been the best decision I have made for my dental care. The doctors and staff are absolutely amazing: very welcoming, friendly and helpful! They have also made every visit very comforting, which was possibly the biggest concern of mine when looking for a new dental office. Any questions, concerns or fears you may have, Mapleridge will help you every step of the way!


Great experience! Everyone at the clinic was very kind, welcoming, and competent. This was my first visit and I felt very comfortable with all aspects of my appointment; from the booking process, cleaning, and dental exam. I believe communication and honest professional advice are important when choosing a dentist, I feel I got this here... thank you to the entire team.


Mapleridge Dentistry - what a nice surprise! Everyone so friendly, attentive. Modern facility. Dr. Ko took me on an emergency basis and explained my options, after listening patiently to all my concerns.Thank you for making my first experience a welcoming one and I look forward to my next appointment.


Mapleridge has the best team out there- their staff is kind and helpful, and treats you like family. You are actually happy to go to your dentist instead of being scared. Stephanie is such a wonderful dental hygienist and such a lovely person. And Dr. Ko is just incredible- my whole family sees them and we couldn't be happier!


Fantastic experience! I have been to several dentists in the past and I always felt like it was an in and out experience, or they would not explain anything. At Mapleridge they are extremely professional, knowledgeable and explain everything in a lot of detail. I like that I’m able to be aware of what is going on with my teeth. I love the hygienist, dentist and the reception is super friendly. I highly recommend!


My experience at Mapleridge was nothing short of spectacular. They are professional, kind and informative and they explain everything they’re going to do and their reasons for their procedures. I definitely made the right choice in choosing them!


Great staff. The team at the front was courteous, friendly and extremely helpful. I had Dr. Ko as my dentist. Its the 2nd time I've seen him and he was great - he explained everything, walked me through some options, and explained next steps. I'll definitely continue going to Mapleridge dentistry and I'd recommend them to others in Vaughan.


Very clean, friendly clinic. I was very impressed by the dental hygienist Shirine, who took time to explain everything and provide practical suggestions. Dr. Yara was also very professional and gentle. Thorough exam and happy patient! Will be back!