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We often forget how important our teeth actually are. If you think about it, we need our teeth to be in their best shape to be able to perform simple functions like eating our food and speaking. Why is it that so many of us only realize how much we need our teeth after having lost a tooth? Missing teeth also affect our overall appearance. Clearly, replacing your missing teeth should be at the top of your priority list.

As we get older, our smiles age with us and tooth loss forms part of this natural process. You can also loose teeth if you are involved in any type of serious accident or if you are suffering from a medical condition. Consider getting a dental bridge if you have lost a tooth.

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Why Dental Bridges

Fixed bridgework is the process of getting crowns and bridges to replace missing teeth. These dental bridges are non-removable and they form a “bridge” to connect your teeth while supporting your face structure. The “pontic” is the artificial tooth that will end up replacing your lost tooth and the abutment teeth are the teeth located next to the open space.

You may be wondering: Are missing teeth something I should be worried about? The problem is that even when the spaces in your smile are not visible to other people, these open spaces can cause various dental issues. They can also cause some of your other teeth to drift out of their correct positions. Bridges can help in this regard. The can help to ensure that your jaws fall into the proper place as you bite down.

Fixed bridges provide the ideal solution for replacing teeth that are either broken or missing. They are manufactured to match the appearance of your original teeth to restore your smile. By having a dental bridge installed, you can look forward to a beautiful and uniform smile!

Removable bridges, that can be taken out, also provide an optional solution. You should know, however, that fixed bridges are known to provide greater stability. Don’t allow missing teeth to affect your physical appearance or your dental health. Deal with the problem now!

Porcelain Bridges

Porcelain bridges can provide a great alternative to replace missing or broken teeth, and they can sometimes replace any partial dentures that you may have as well – doing away with the hassle of removing an appliance each night. These devices are manufactured to match the shape, size and color of your original teeth, and they will help restore your smile to its former glory.

Porcelain bridges are customized devices that are bonded to surrounding teeth in order to replace one or more broken or missing teeth. When missing teeth are replaced with bridges, the teeth on each side of the missing one are prepared to be used as crowns so that they can hold the bridge in place. Porcelain is the most popular choice for these devices because of its level of durability and the fact that it looks as natural as original teeth.

Bridge procedures normally require two appointments. During the first, initial preparation is done and impressions of the teeth are taken. The second appointment involves having the bridges placed permanently. Porcelain bridges will protect your teeth from issues arising as a result of having missing teeth. Regular dental visits and proper in-home dental routines will help keep bridges looking good for as long as possible.

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