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An Overview of All on 4 Procedures in Maple

Are you embarrassed to smile? Are in constant pain or worse have been affected by gum disease? If so, then you may want to try all on 4 implant dentistry. All on 4 is a medical procedure in dentistry where a fixed prosthesis or denture is supported by four implants.

The implants would be placed in the anterior maxilla of the jaw, where bone density is higher. Within 24 hours after the implants have been placed, a fixed prosthesis would then be positioned. This means the all on four implants procedure will be completed within a single day.

Dental Procedures in Maple

There are various dental clinics in Maple where you can obtain general dentistry and orthodontic services. General dentistry generally covers procedures involving the teeth, gums and nerves, while orthodontics is a specialization that deals with correcting bites, occlusion, and straightness of the teeth.

All on 4

Located just at the north of Toronto, Vaughan is a bustling city that is among the fastest-growing locations in Ontario. As a result, more dental and orthodontic clinics are being opened in the area. If you are interested in getting such services, check out Maple Ridge Dentistry, which is just a few minutes away in Maple.

General Dentistry in Woodbridge

Woodbridge is sprawling suburban community in the city of Vaughan, and is just several minutes away from Toronto. Obtaining dental services may be faster but more expensive in the city, which is why a short trip to Maple is a better idea.

All on 4 implant dentistry is an effective but a complicated procedure that needs to be done by an experienced professional. Here at Maple Ridge Dentistry, we specialize in providing such services through our well-trained staff. Our clinic serves Maple, Vaughan, Woodbridge, Richmond Hill and other surrounding cities so you are ensured that you will be given priority.

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