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7 Questions You Should Ask Before Undergoing Any Type of Cosmetic Dental Procedure

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Cosmetic dentists provide an array of procedures designed to improve the appearance of your smile. In some cases, those procedures also restore and strengthen damaged teeth so it’s easier to chew and speak clearly. If you would like to do something about the look and condition of your teeth, seeing a Mississauga cosmetic dentist makes a lot of sense. During the examination and consultation, it pays to ask a few questions. The answers will help you decide if moving forward with a particular procedure is the right choice for you.

Why This Procedure?

There is sometimes more than one solution for a particular cosmetic dental issue. While the team at the cosmetic dental clinic will want to go over all the options with you, it’s not unusual for the surgeon to recommend one procedure over the rest. The question you want to ask is why that approach would be better for you than the other possible solutions.

The nature of cosmetic and restorative cosmetology is more complex than many people realize. Depending on the specifics of your case, it may be that more than one approach would work. However, those specifics also indicate that you would enjoy a greater range of benefits by choosing the solution recommended by the cosmetic surgeon. Once the professional outlines what this particular procedure will accomplish versus the other possibilities, you are likely to agree that the recommended solution really is the best option.

What Sort of Preparation Should I Make?

Some cosmetic dental procedures require little to no preparation. That’s especially true when nothing about the procedure happens to be invasive. For example, being fitted with veneers will likely mean doing nothing more than brushing your teeth before heading to the dental clinic.

Other procedures do require some preparation on your part. While they may not be invasive, you will still be sedated. In this instance, your preparation will include arranging for someone to drive you home. This is because it will take a few hours for the sedation to wear off completely. In the meantime, your reflexes will not be up to par. Since your Mississauga cosmetic dentist wants to ensure you remain safe, many will not begin the procedure until it’s confirmed that someone is on hand to take care of you once the work is done.

With other types of procedures, cosmetic dentists may recommend changes in your routine in the days leading up to the surgery. For example, an invasive procedure will likely call for limiting or avoiding any prescription or over the counter products that tend to thin the blood. You may also be advised to not take any medication that causes drowsiness for at least 12 hours prior to the surgery. These measures help to minimize the potential for complications during the procedure. They will also make it easier for you to recover in the days ahead.

Don’t be surprised if the surgeon presents you with a list of recommended foods and beverages for the days after the procedure. Part of your preparation will be to make a trip to the supermarket and stock the kitchen so you have foods that will not irritate or otherwise slow down your recovery. At the same time, those foods and beverages are likely to contain nutrients your body needs to hasten the healing.

Will I Feel Anything During the Procedure?

Rest assured that the Mississauga cosmetic dentist will take measures to ensure you are comfortable throughout the procedure. In some cases, nothing more than a local anesthetic will be needed. This is often the case when the dentist is repairing a broken or cracked tooth. For more complex procedures like installing dental implants, you will be given some type of sedation along with deadening the gums.

Sedation dentistry does not necessarily mean you will not be conscious during the procedure. What it does mean is that you are still awake enough to respond to simple instructions from the surgeon or the dental team. However, you are not likely to remember much about what took place. It’s not unusual for patients to be aware when the sedation begins and not remember anything until they are in a recovery room after the procedure is over.

What About in the Hours After the Procedure?

In the hours after the work is completed, the sedation wears off. During that time, you will begin to feel some amount of discomfort. There may be swelling and the pain is likely to increase as the feeling returns fully. This is natural and is not anything that should cause any concerns.

Many cosmetic dentists prepare patients for the discomfort by provided prescriptions for medication to ease the discomfort. Expect to also receive recommendations to apply cold to the mouth during the next day or two. It’s not unusual for the dentist to tell the patient to apply the cold for up to 20 minutes at a time, rest for 20 minutes, and then apply the cold again.

The team may also recommend the use of an over the counter product to ease pain and inflammation. Don’t substitute with a different type of pain reliever. The one recommended by the staff at the cosmetic dental clinic is formulated to not thin the blood or cause other complications. Whether you have prescription or over the counter pain medication, do not exceed the recommended dosage. If you feel it’s not having much of an effect, call the dental clinic for more instructions.

Will Some Activities Be Avoided During My Recuperation?

Depending on the nature of your cosmetic dental procedure, your normal routine may have to be set aside for a few days. You can bet that your Mississauga cosmetic dentist is likely to recommend certain activities be avoided for the remainder of the day after the procedure. Other activities may need to be curtailed for several more days.

With more complex procedures like all on four, you may not be allowed to lift over a certain amount of weight for three or four days. That includes lifting weights as part of an exercise routine. There’s a good chance that the dental professional will recommend that you keep your head elevated even when you are sleeping. Don’t be surprised if you need to avoid certain foods and beverages for a time. In the case of something to drink, it may be necessary to stay away from anything that’s hot or cold. During those early days, beverages should be served at room temperature.

What Will My Teeth Look Like Once the Healing is Complete?

The team at the cosmetic dental clinic will set realistic expectations for the appearance and the function of your teeth. Remember that what you see the first couple of days may not be what they promised. It’s only as the healing continues that you begin to see the real results.

How Will I Pay for the Cosmetic Dental Surgery?

As most cosmetic dentists will explain, you should find out if your dental plan covers the proposed procedure, and how much you will need to pay out of pocket. Even if your insurance doesn’t cover the cost, there are options like medical loans that will allow you to repay the obligation in a series of payments you can afford. Medical loans are provided by lenders like Mogo and in case you want to compare personal loan options you should refer to loan directories.

The team at the cosmetic dental clinic wants you to be informed. Feel free to ask these and any other questions that come to mind. Doing so will help you prepare for the dental work, know what to expect, and ensure your recovery progresses without any complications.

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