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“Teeth in a Day” Service Brings Back Lost Teeth and Smiles

For people who have long lost their teeth or have few remaining teeth left, there are still other options aside from getting full prosthesis or dentures. ‘Teeth in a day’ is a dental procedure wherein you can get a new set of teeth in just a day.

Otherwise known as “all on 4,” it involves four implants placed on the jaw where there is more bone density. After the procedure, fixed bridges that look and function like real teeth would be placed on top of the implants within 24 hours.

This means that in a matter of a day, you can enjoy the aesthetic and functional benefits of teeth. This is where a ‘teeth in a day’ procedure got its name.

Teeth in a Day

General Dentistry Services in Maple

If you are a loved one is looking for particular dental procedures such as teeth in a day, then make sure you drop by our office at Maple Ridge Dentistry. Our specialists will be more than happy to assist you and find a solution to your dental problem.

Vaughan Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Throughout the city of Vaughan, there are various dental clinics that offer different services. However, it would be better if the clinic offers both general dentistry and orthodontic (cosmetic) dentistry.

Woodbridge Dental Clinics

The suburban community of Woodbridge is a few minutes away from various commercial establishments, and so it is better to look for a dental clinic where you can drop by during emergency situations. Our clinic is located in the neighboring town of Maple.

A ‘teeth in a day’ procedure works best if you are aiming to solve your denture problems, and wants to have a genuine and long-lasting complete set of teeth. Compared to other procedures, the longevity of the fixed bridges usually last for 10 to up to 18 years.

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