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Filling Replacements

Say Goodbye to Silver Mercury Amalgam Fillings!

Are you dissatisfied at how the silver mercury fillings look in your teeth? Did you know that these older fillings can also be a health concern – or even lead to tooth loss over time? Extensive research has been conducted regarding the effects that these fillings can have on your health, and over time, they have been known to leak and allow new cavities to form underneath them. This causes damage to the structure of your existing teeth and can cause them to crack to the point where a root canal and crown will be needed to correct the issue. These amalgam fillings can also permanently stain the gums.

At our practice in Maple, we only offer the highest quality metal-free fillings such as white plastic, porcelain veneers, bridges and crowns. These materials enable our dentists to transform your smile with only the most natural-looking products. By being able to bond these safe products to your teeth, our dentists can provide you with the healthiest smile possible whether you are visiting relatives in Richmond Hill, chatting with coworkers at your Vaughan office, or entertaining in your Woodbridge home.

Filling Replacements

Plastic or Porcelain?

Although either of these materials can be used, porcelain is usually the recommended choice because it is a far stronger product that is able to provide additional strength to the remaining tooth structure. Plastic works well for small fillings, but when used for larger projects, it may need to be replaced sooner rather than later because it may not be as durable. Over time though, the tooth will eventually require a porcelain restoration to be done.

Porcelain is by far stronger, more durable and longer-lasting. As with all dental procedures though, regular check-ups and proper in-home oral hygiene will help ensure that your new restorations last as long as possible.

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