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Dental Surgery

Dental Surgery

Because of modern technological developments, the list of dental surgery procedures available these days, has expanded significantly. Your dentist will discuss a surgical treatment option, that is the most suitable for your unique dental situation, with you. Tooth loss is quite serious and in some cases dental surgery is needed to replace the lost teeth. You may also need to have dental implants inserted surgically. Sometimes, the surgical procedure will be done from start to finish in one visit. However, more complex dental procedures may require several visits to complete.

Our qualified surgeons are skilled in complex dental surgery and routine surgical procedures. At Maple Ridge dentistry, our expert dentists can assist you with tooth extractions as well as surgical dental implants.

Dental Implants

Implant dentistry is a complicated, yet highly effective procedure that has to be performed by a professional. Dental implants are useful in cases where tooth loss is causing any difficulties. They will be anchored to your jaw bone during a surgical procedure. These implants serve as substitutes for tooth roots and they typically stabilize the artificial teeth that are cemented onto them.

Tooth Extractions

Your wisdom teeth are the large teeth at the back of your mouth that enter into the oral cavity much later than all your other teeth. Generally speaking, they don’t absolutely have to be removed. Sometimes it happens that your wisdom teeth have trouble breaking through the gum line. In these cases, it is necessary to get them extracted. Impacted teeth are the cause of various dental health issues. They may push your other teeth out of alignment and cause pain along with uncomfortable swelling.

A small incision, made during the procedure, helps the dentist to reveal the tooth in question. Your dentist will then extract your wisdom tooth. There are sedation methods available to keep you as calm as possible during the extraction.

Your best bet to avoid problems with impacted wisdom teeth is to have them extracted early on! Here at Maple Ridge Dentistry, our qualified surgeons specialize in dental surgical procedures. We provide all dental care services at our dental offices in Maple, ON.

Dental Surgery

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