Top 4 Reasons to Get All On Four Implants

When the age of real teeth is over, it only makes sense to consider all of the options for replacements. A response to the question what is all on four implants is likely to lead to a discussion of why this solution is such a smart one. Here are some of the perks that could be yours if you go with this approach.

Fitted in a Single Day

One reason why all on four implants are gaining in popularity is that it doesn’t take long to have them in place. Assuming your bone structure is strong and the natural teeth are already removed, there is no reason why the four implants can’t be inserted during a single session. The dental professional can also connect a temporary plate to the implants while the custom plate is being manufactured. The result is that you go into the dental office with no teeth and emerge with a full set.

The Cost is More Affordable Than You Think

Without a doubt, the all on four price is higher than the costs associated with traditional dentures. Several factors increase the expense, including the amount of advance dental work needed to prepare your gums and bones for the insertion of the implants.

What may seem like a greater expense becomes more affordable when you consider how little you will spend to keep the implants and the attached plate in proper condition in the years to come. Once you factor in the cost of cleaning products, adhesives, and alterations to the plates, dentures are not quite as cost-effective as they seem at first. Dentures may be less costly up front, but you will pay more on a day to day basis just to maintain them and ensure they are somewhat comfortable.

They Feel Much Better

Have you ever heard a denture wearer talk about staying home for a day so their gums have a rest from the dentures? The fact is that even with the best dental adhesive, there is some friction. That leads to sore spots on the gums. With all on four implants, you don’t have this problem. In fact, there will be times when you forget they are anything other than real teeth.

They Last for Decades

An important all on four advantage is how long this choice will last. The implants help to prevent changes in the contours of the jaw, so there is no need to get a new plate or insert more implants after a few years. Many people find that they can go for 25-30 years before even thinking about replacing anything. Compare that with dentures and the fact that you will be lucky to get a single decade of use from them.

There’s a lot more you could learn about all on four implants. Talk to your dentist about this solution and what it would mean for you. Go over the costs, the procedure, and what you can expect in the weeks and months after the work is done. Once you understand how this approach works and what it will do for you, making the right choice will be a quick and easy one.