Sedation in Dental Treatments


Many individuals have experienced the nervous feelings as the scheduled dental appointment nears. Maybe you have had an undesirable experience previously with a check up, making you anxious to the level that it could prevent you from seeing a dentist for many years.

At Mapleridge Dentistry, our office is a comfortable, welcoming place to suit your needs. Our dental professional team are generally always informed on the most current technological know-how and treatments to make sure that you obtain the secure enjoyable treatments. Additionally we offer you sedation dentistry in order to help you relax during any and all your treatments with us.

There are various methods of sedation, which can consist of:

Oral prescription drugs – Using this method works very well for many patients’. They can be prescribed by your dentist to help alleviate any stress or nervousness. Normally a dose is taken the night before the visit and again approximately 30 minutes prior to the visit.

IV – This type of sedations helps the individual to enter into a rest condition throughout the procedure. Starting with a bit of Nitrous Oxide, the patient will begin with counting back from 10 and before they get to 7 are normally oblivious of what is happening around them. Making the treatment that much easier on the patient.

Nitrous Oxide –Also referred to as “laughing gas”, is provided to the individual while in the chair, which is usually inhaled via a mask, also it helps to relax as well as calm the individual for preparation of their procedure.

By using sedation, patients’ experience less stress and can relax whilst in the dental chair, making his/her appointment a positive experience, which gives the individual a serene sense when they need to return for future visits, allowing the dentist to maintain their healthy beautiful smile. Contact us at Mapleridge Dentistry today, and together we can insure you receive the best for your teeth forever.