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Full Arch Treatment Options

Option 1: Mini Dental Implants

Mini dental implants are a great option for tooth replacement and are a great alternative to traditional dentures. Traditional dentures have a history of difficulty amongst patients due to discomfort, pain, and difficulties with speech and eating. For these reasons, mini implants are a viable alternative for those who are looking to overcome these issues and are looking for a temporary solution at a relatively inexpensive cost.

The procedure works by using a small drill in the gum tissue and into the jaw bone to create a cavity to accommodate the mini dental implant. The mini dental implant procedure is fairly easy and quick, which does not require invasive surgery and can be carried out under local anesthesia.


  • Eliminates the need for bone grafting
  • Provides a fast, strong base for the stabilization of lower dentures
  • Viable option for patients who have experienced severe bone loss and do not qualify for regular implants
  • The design/ setup of mini dental implants helps withstand natural pressure, which gives patient a lot of liberty in regards to what they can eat
  • It is relatively inexpensive than traditional dental implants because it doesn’t require invasive surgery
  • Quicker treatment time, and not as many follow up appointments
  • Improved speech and ability to bite/ chew


  • It is not a long term solution
  • they are not recommended as single tooth replacements
  • They are most effective only when used to stabilize dentures on the lower jaw
  • May still move when chewing or speaking
  • Not as stable as conventional dental implants
  • There is a risk of metal deterioration due to the thinness of the implant

Option 2: All-on-4™ Implant Fixed Bridge (Permanent)

The All-On-4 procedure is a permanent solution for patients who are about to lose their teeth or are fed up with their loose or ill-fitting dentures. The teeth-in-a-Day procedure gives you back the ability to eat what you want, when you want. It also gets rid of infections that may lead to problems like bad breath, gum disease and other health problems. Furthermore, it restores a beautiful smile, giving you a youthful look that many wish to attain.

This youthful, natural-looking smile is achieved in a day by having 4 implants or anchors placed in your jaw. A set of teeth are permanently anchored to these implants, and you are sent home that very same day.


  • Restores your entire smile with only four implants
  • Eliminates need for bone grafting
  • A full set of new teeth in just one day
  • Replaces roots and teeth
  • Improves overall dental/ oral healthy and significantly diminishes likelihood of developing any gum and bone disease
  • Only one surgery necessary, and patient is released home the same day
  • Promotes stability through the secure placement in the jawbone
  • Natural-looking and customizable esthetics
  • Clearer speech and regained control of natural ability to eat and chew
  • Dentist can remove bridge yearly for cleaning and health check


  • Requires a high level of bone to hold the implants in place
  • Because the entire procedure is in one day, the healing process will take a bit longer
  • It requires invasive surgery

Tips for Dental Procedures

  1. Post Operation Care
    Since this surgery is invasive, for the days and weeks following the procedure, it is advised to keep physical exercise to a minimum to avoid hindering the healing process. If you are experiencing any discomfort or pain, you can apply a cold compress to the affected area. As per the doctor’s advice, it is important to consume lots of fluids. Our dental professionals will go over all the details with you in regards to how to prepare, what to expect and what to do post operation.
  2. Keeping Your New Teeth Clean
    To ensure you get the most out of your teeth, it is important to take great care of your teeth and maintain great oral hygiene. The implanted teeth are just as susceptible to infection and bacterial build-up as real teeth, so this is why good hygiene is critical. Making it a routine to clean your teeth at least twice a day will help ensure the longevity of the prosthetic teeth as well as your overall dental/ oral health.
  3. Periodic Dental Check Ups and Cleans
    It is highly advised that patients make regular visits to the dentists to ensure that their dental health is in great care. Schedule teeth cleaning appointments guarantees that all plaque is removed that regular brushing is unable to remove. Additionally, the checkups ensure that your teeth kept in their standard condition.

    Call one of our dental professionals today, and see if either of these options are a good fit for you. We have a host of other dental procedures to offer, so book a free, no obligation consultation and get the smile you deserve!

Caring for All On Hour Implants: A Few Tips

Congratulations on choosing all on four implants! That decision will serve you well for a long time. Along the way, you will discover that keeping the implants clean is much easier than other alternatives to natural teeth. Here are some tips that will help you keep those all on four implants in top shape.

Brush and Rinse As You Would Normally

The nice thing about all on four implants is that you don’t have to take them out for daily cleaning. You can use toothpaste to brush them just as you once did with natural teeth. That same all on four solution allows you keep on using your favorite mouth wash to rinse once a day. If you are concerned about the brush scratching the bridge, your dentist can recommend the best choice for toothbrush designs, up to and including the bristles.

Kick Those Bad Habits

Many of the habits capable of damaging real teeth could cause harm to the all on four replacements. For example, chewing on ice could lead to cracks of chips. If that happens, the bridge would need to be removed and repaired. That can be expensive. Break this and other bad habits now, and your all on four implants will last for decades.

Remember to Come in for Cleanings Once or Twice a Year

It’s true that the all on four implants are not real teeth. Even so, you do need a professional cleaning at least once a year. Assuming there is no damage to the bridge, it can remain in place and the cleaning will be a lot like the process used to clean natural teeth. If there is damage, be prepared for the dental team to remove the bridge and attempt repairs.

Ask your dentist for more ideas about cleaning and taking care of those new all on four replacements. You’ll find that many of the suggestions will be easy to manage and don’t require any additional time in the morning or after meals. With a little effort on your part, they will look great from year to year and provide excellent service.

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Hello Smile Centre Family,

We are working hard at keeping all of our patients and team members updated as we try to adapt to this daily-changing situation.


As you know, at this time, all elective procedures - including general dentistry and hygiene appointments - are still being suspended for at least the next few weeks. If you have an appointment in April, you can consider it cancelled. Our team is trying hard to reach out during this week as well. At this time, we are not rescheduling surgery appointments or regular dental and hygiene appointments until we have a better grip on when things will be returning to “normal”.

We look forward to seeing you back at the Smile Centre once we’re able to open our doors again. We will be adding extra time to accommodate the need that has been created by this unforeseen interruption; don’t worry! Your health is important to us and we will work overtime to ensure all our patients are accommodated.


Under the guidelines from the Ministry of Health and RCDSO, we must screen carefully and minimize patient contact, but we are accommodating emergency patients on a case-by-case basis. If you have a dental emergency, or think you may be experiencing symptoms that could become urgent, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are monitoring messages regularly; the easiest way to reach any of our clinic locations is via text message. 

A dental emergency consists of severe pain, swelling, uncontrolled bleeding or infection. If you think you are experiencing an emergency, please send us a detailed message and we will get back to you as soon as we can. We have been working hard to find a way to help as many people as possible with minimal contact and still provide optimal care, so we are introducing virtual consultations with a dentist in order to be able to speak to you face-to-face.

We are currently seeing patients at our Maple location only!


We are all in this together. We will come away from this situation stronger and more appreciative than ever of the tiny conveniences that we all take for granted every day. Perhaps more family togetherness will become the new normal; maybe this will all be a lesson in taking a step back and appreciating the things we have around us.

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