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Dental Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

The living part of a tooth is known as the pulp. It is contained within the hollow center of each tooth. The blood vessels and nerves, that essentially form the pulp, are necessary to make sure that the tooth gets enough nutrients and oxygen along with the ability to sense feeling.

Our teeth can become chipped, cracked or broken for different reasons. Aging, injuries and medical conditions may all contribute to tooth damage. Tooth decay is also a cause for concern. When a tooth is damaged in any way, the living tissue (or pulp) is put in harms way.

Let’s explore what happens during the process of tooth decay. When harmful bacteria enter through the outer covering of the tooth, a cavity takes form. If the decay is neglected, it will make its way to the root of your tooth where it could cause irreversible inflammation. If you postpone getting treatment, you could risk infection and an abscess could possibly form. Abscesses can be really uncomfortable, not to mention that infections tend to spread.

In the end, you may need root canal treatment to save your tooth.

Root Canal Treatment Explained

Root canal treatment is most often used to save teeth after they have been damaged severely. At this point, fillings may not be able to do the job. During root canal treatment, the pulp is taken out and then your dentist will disinfect the tooth. A filling will be put into the space and the last step will be to seal the area.

Will Root Canal Treatment Hurt?

Root canal treatment is not supposed to hurt. Having this procedure done will feel more or less like getting a regular filling placed.

Don’t stress about badly damaged teeth. There is a solution to your problem and it’s called “Root canal treatment”. At Maple Ridge dentistry, we are proud to say that our skilled dentists can help you out with even the most damaged teeth!

Dental Root Canal Treatment

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