Teeth in a day same day implants all on 4

Teeth in a day/ same day implants/all on 4

It is a normal day, and all of a sudden you are faced with a dental emergency. Your teenage son was hit in the mouth with a baseball and has knocked out one or more of his teeth.

First thing you need to do is pick up the tooth by the crown (top of the tooth), do not touch the root area (pointed part) as this could be detrimental in whether or not your dentist is able to save the teeth or not.

Call your dental office immediately and tell them the situation, the sooner you get into see the doctor the better chances of a successful outcome. You have approximately 60 minutes until it is too late.

Gently wash (Not scrub) the tooth to get all the dirt and grime off of them. In order to keep the tooth with the right amount of moisture it is suggested to place the tooth/teeth back into the mouth cavity between the gums and the cheek. If this is not possible, you will instead have to wrap the tooth/teeth into a clean towel and or gauze and dipping it into milk.

It is imperative to not come in contact with the root region, because you can damage the specific tissues which are vital for the reattachment to the bone.

So that you can look after the actual teeth you will have to meticulously rinse off the tooth using just water to eliminate any kind of dirt or grime. However Do NOT SCRUB!

After the tooth have been cleaned, put the tooth inside your mouth between the gums and the cheek this is to help keep the root alive with the moisture in which it is used to. If this is not possible then you should wrap up the tooth with a towel and or gauze and dip it into some whole milk or perhaps saline solution which is intended for contact lenses.

Should the tooth/teeth belong to an infant, these teeth unless they are their permanent teeth, should not be re-implanted into the gum line. Even though the dentist is not required to put the child’s tooth back in, it is advised that the child see the dentist in the very near future to make sure there isn’t any remnants remaining which could cause further complications down the road.

Consequently in summary, bear in mind to maintain the specific tooth with great care and also make sure to give us a call here at Grandriver Dental Centre 905-832-9008 for fast expert advice about your overall dental crisis.