Pro or Con for Dental Implants?

Dental Implants they just may be the answer

Here at Mapleridge Dentistry we have the best Dental Professionals offering Dental Implant Services with exceptional support as well as stability. Dental implants are a manufactured root, normally made from titanium, which is surgically inserted into the jaw bone. The implant will certainly replace your current missing tooth and offer a fixed way to the difficulties that old-fashioned denture users may encounter. The manufactured tooth mounted on the implant will appear normal and significantly restore your current smile. Dental implants are extremely durable, stable and can last decades with the occasional re-tightening and or a replacement as a result of normal wear.

There are various types of implants from Single-Unit to Multiple-Units and or Full-Arches. The benefits associated with Dental Implants give you many positive advantages. Which are an economical solution, faster treatment and healing, versatile options and they are clinically proven as well as documented.

The procedure for getting implants requires several visits over many months. A CT scan and impact molds are usually taken with the jaw as well as teeth to find out bone, soft tissue, and spacing readily available for an implant. After the patient’s implant is placed and positioned, there can be a healing time. Once the individual has fully recovered, the manufactured teeth are usually then securely mounted on the implant, offering excellent security and comfort.

Remember great oral care, eating habits and frequent dental appointments will help with the preservation of the new dental implants.

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